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Kwik Bridge

Kwik-Bridge Punch System

U.S. Patent No. 5,943,838

Kwik Bridge Commonly, cold rolled channel is used as lateral bracing in a variety of interior and exterior framing applications. The cold roll channel is installed through the stud punch-outs, perpendicular to the framing at pre-determined spacings along the height of the wall. Once the channel is positioned horizontally within the wall cavity, a method of securing the channel to each individual stud will be selected according to the design criteria for the assembly. Typically, positive attachment is achieved through welding or by using angle clips and screws. The Kwik Bridge Punch Systems serves as an alternative method of achieving positive attachment of the cold rolled channel to the steel stud.

In essence, the Kwik Bridge Punch System is a unique patented design that incorporates a tab into the punch out of the stud. The tab can be bent to stiffen the web and then used instead of a clip to fasten cold rolled channel. The cost of the clip is eliminated and screw consumption is reduced by half. The labor savings may also be significant compared to welding because certified welders will not be required.

The Kwik Bridge Punch System can be added to your stud for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE on the following stud types:

Available Widths:

3-5/8”, 4”, & 6”

Available Flanges:

1-1/4”, 1-3/8”, 1-7/16”, 1-5/8”, & 2”

Available Gauges:


(14ga is available in most cases)

For further information on the Kwik Bridge Punch System, please contact your customer care representative at 562/408-2000.